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Activate IdM ID

Do NOT activate more than ONE IdM ID!
If you got a second IdM ID in any case whether you have or had already one, please contact the IdM-support via e-mail

Please make note of the following hints:


Enrolled students receive the activation letter with a unique code from the student office. It will be sent to the student address as soon as the tuition fee has been paid. In addition, students can download the activation letter from the portal Campo after enrollment. You only have to enter the activation password and can then log in directly with the password you specified during registration.s.


Staff members find the activation username and password in the user info letter which you receive at every RRZE service desk after legitimation. Please bring in a valid passport.

Doctorate Candidates

Without a work contract with FAU, but for example with a scholarship, user will receive the activation letter from the Graduate Centre. E-mail-address:

Registered users

Registered users can only login to the IdM Portal. The activation and thus the use of FAU services is only possible for students after enrolment, for guests after processing the IdM application. Alumni will receive the activation letter after processing the application.

Have you received the IdM Activation Letter?

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